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The website is owned by the company IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o

The company IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o provides online services through its website, and Facebook and Instagram website The service consists of providing brokerage services on domestic and foreign markets, information services and financial transactions.

At any time, IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is authorized to change the content of the General Terms and to notify the Customers about this change through the website Customers are obliged to read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions that are applied to each subsequent order until their modification, when placing an order. Customers will be notified of this in the first subsequent order after the modification. IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is not responsible for the Customer's failure to do so. IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is not responsible for the Customer's failure to do so.

Company information:

Company name: IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o

Adresses: Lanište 24, 10020 Novi Zagreb

PIN (Personal identification number)

Registration number: 11022007023

VAT Number: HR11022007023

IBAN: HR3024020061100769650  ESB

Commercial Court in IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o

Registered ID. No.4493877

Company equity: - amount payed in full

Directors of the company: M. Miličević

Contact: Tel: 00114-6115, Email:

The address of the headquarters

Company IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o undertakes to do business in accordance with legitimate laws of the Republic of Croatia

General provisions

This General Conditions governs the relationship between the Customer and IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o  in relation to terms and conditions of placing an order, product prices, payment method, termination of contract and return of goods, delivery, protection of personal data and other issues related to the use of the web shop and online purchase.

These General Terms apply to purchases via website, and Facebook and Instagram website

The Purchase Agreement between the Customer and IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is concluded at the time IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o receives an order, ie an electronic message containing a Customer’s statement that he accepts the offer.

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is specialized in the brokerage service between the Supplier and the Customer. IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o does not import goods. The buyer with which IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o mediates, the Supplier directly delivers to the Buyer.

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o charges its Brokerage Service between the Supplier and Customer.

The product descriptions and photos on the website are originally downloaded information from vendors-suppliers from overseas internet stores and have been uploaded at in its original form (without any alteration of information). 

A customer may only be – a natural person over the age of 18 who has full legal capacity or a legal person. By accepting the General Terms, you acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age or a minor with full legal capacity, and you are entirely in a position to accept these General Terms and Conditions.   

Contract on behalf and for the account of a minor and a person without legal capacity may be concluded by his legal representatives or guardians and persons with a partial legal capacity only unless they are deprived of the right to dispose of their property and the right to conclude legal affairs.

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o assumes no liability for any actions that are not in accordance with these provisions.

Online purchase 

Online purchase is only possible with prior registration. The customer is obliged to give correct and complete personal data when registering, while the Customer's practice contrary to the before mentioned empowers the IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o to deny the Customer further use of

Registered users of the website will receive their own account (hereinafter: User account). IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o advises you not to disclose any information about your User Account. You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and security of your User Account and for all activities occurring on or through your User Account. For any misuse of your User Account you are obligated without delay to notify IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o on email

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is not responsible for any form of damage arising from unauthorized use of the User Account.   

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o will notify the Customer at the latest at the time of delivery of the goods or the beginning of the eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.oecution of the service, with the confirmation of the contract concluded in a durable medium and by electronic mail. 


The retail product prices are eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.opressed in Croatian kunas (currency IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o).

Product prices are subject to change until the moment of purchase confirmation. 

The price of the goods is determined for each product individually. 

Prices include the cost of transport, delivery or postal services, unless otherwise noted. 

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is not in the VAT system. 

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o may specify certain discounts, coupons for purchases through pages that may relate to a specific period of time, unless specified otherwise. 

Special offers and coupons will be available under the same conditions to all customers or will only be available to specific groups. The terms of the sale will be described on our sites.

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o will periodically and in accordance with its decision put certain items on the actionsale. 

In such a case, IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o will promptly notify users. 


Shipping cost is pre-included in the price for all advertised items, for all countries.

For more information on postal services and postal service rates click here. 

Customs duties are not included in the price of our products and, if necessary,are charged by customs officers when the product arrives in the Republic of Croatia or other countries. Any customs duties and VAT are borne by the Customer. 

Within the EU, natural and legal persons for private purposes are not subject to customs. 

Outside the EU, goods valued up to € 150 are not subject to customs duties payment, but over € 22 VAT is paid on imports into the EU. 

For more information about customs and eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.oceptions, see "EIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.ocerpt from the Customs Act".    


IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o allows its customers to pay via Paypal

Shipping and delivery 

Shipping and delivery is done through the service of the Croatian Post or DHL IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o press in the manner and under the conditions determined by the applicable regulations for performing postal services. For products that have the option of fast delivery, this information is highlighted on the product offering page. 

The shipping is done within the deadline indicated for each product. Delivery information is on the order page (in „select delivery“) and in the offer for payment that the Customer receives electronically (order confirmation). 

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o has no influence on the delivery of postal services or the possible retention of a shipment on customs. 

The product can sometimes wait up to 40 business days in case of national and religious holidays, or increased traffic in the post office. In such situations, and when receiving timely information from a foreign supplier, IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o will notify the customer of the possibility of e IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.otending the delivery deadline. 

After the order has been made, the Customer receives an automatic confirmation by electronic mail that the item has been ordered. 

Any misuse, theft, lying, inappropriate and unlawful conduct of the end customer may result in the termination of the contract by IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o and IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is not responsible for any damage that may result from the aforementioned and the responsibility lies entirely with the Customer.

bail If your product does not arrive within the stated deadlines, your funds will be returned to your transaction account within the statutory deadline or the same new product will be sent to you.


If your product does not arrive within the stated deadlines, your funds will be returned to your transaction account within the statutory deadline or the same new product will be sent to you. 

If the ordered product is defective or simply does not meet customer IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.opectations, it is possible, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery, to make a replacement or return the product.

Termination of contract and return of goods

The buyer is entitled, without giving reasons, unilaterally terminate the sales contract within the statutory time period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date when the Customer’s product was delivered.

If, upon order, the Customer has ordered more products to be delivered separately, that is, if it is about the goods that need to be delivered in more than one piece or more deliveries, the contract termination period begins to run from the day the Customer was delivered his last piece or last consignment of goods. If a regular delivery of goods has been contracted for a certain period, the term of the contract shall begin to run from the day when the first piece or first consignment of the goods is delivered to the Customer.

The Customer is obligated prior to the IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.opiration of the term for unilateral termination of the contract to notify IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o of his decision to terminate the contract through the unilateral termination contract form.

 The Customer can unilaterally terminate the contract so that the unilateral termination form is filled out and sent to the company IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o electronically at In such a case, IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o  shall, without delay, deliver a confirmation to the Customer for the receipt of the Statement of Termination in electronic form.

 The Customer is obligated to prove that his right to unilaterally terminate the contract has been fulfilled in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

 If the Customer utilises his right for an unilateral termination, the Contracting Parties are not required to fulfill their obligations under a distance contract or, ie in the case that an offer for concluding a contract is made by the Customer, the parties are not required to enter into a contract. In the event of termination of the contract, each Contracting Party shall return to the other what it has received under the contract.

In the event of a unilateral termination of the contract, IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o undertakes without delay, and no later than 14 days after receiving notification of the Customer's decision to unilaterally terminate the contract, to return to the Customer all that he has paid on the basis of the contract, less the cost of the delivery.   

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o undertakes to make a refund of what has been payes by the same payment instrument used by the Customer upon payment unless the Customer eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.opressly agrees to any other means of payment and assuming that the Customer is not required to pay any additional costs for such refund. If the Customer is not able to receive the refund on his own IBAN, IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o will, in agreement with the Customer, make a refund on IBAN according to the Customer's wishes. Refund in cash or through a postal order is not possible.   

In the case of a unilateral termination by the Customer, the Customer is obliged to return the delivered product without delay and within 14 days of notifying IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o of his decision to terminate the contract. It is considered that the Customer has fulfilled this obligation if the goods are delivered before the eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.opiry of this deadline. The buyer is liable to bear the direct costs of returning the goods.   

The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.ocept what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. 

Download the unilateral termination agreement here.

The buyer is obliged to deliver the goods or send it to the address of the supplier (ADDRESS OF THE SUPPLIER), without unnecessary delay, and in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o, or, has made its decision on the unilateral termination of the contract. Direct costs of the return of goods are borne by the Customer. The cost of sending can be calculated online at The user is asked to give written notice to prior to the termination of the Contract in order to eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.oplain the process of returning the goods.

Without submitting a form we are unable to legally accept a complaint.

The goods must be unused and shipped in the original packaging / bag from the supplier with a clearly visible supplier's address and with all the accompanying tags or the complaint will not be taken into account.

 Customer is not entitled to a unilateral termination if:

 the subject of the contract of goods or services whose price is dependent on changes in the financial market that are outside the influence of IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o that may arise during the term of the Customer's right to unilateral termination of the contract

the subject of the contract are goods that were made according to the Customer's specification or was clearly customized for the Buyer

the subject of the contract are sealed goods which, due to health or hygienic reasons, are not eligible for return if it was unsealed after delivery

the subject of a contract of goods  which, because of their nature, are inseparably mi IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o with other items after delivery

In all cases where the product is returned on any ground, the Customer is obliged to return the product in the original package together with all the relevant parts and documentation, and any marking intended to indicate that the product is not used or damaged may not be removed or damaged .

 The buyer is obligated to take over the purchased product upon delivery. IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o ceptionally, in the event of a significant apparent defect of products that the Customer notices when receveing the Shipment, the Customer shall not be obliged to take the delivery of the product and may refuse the receipt and shall not bear the costs of delivering the Shipment. It is considered that the products duly received by the Customer did not have a noticeable defect.


If the product has a hidden disadvantage (eg broken part, transport damage ...), which the Customer finds upon opening the product without using it- the Customer is entitled to a unilateral termination of the contract and refund, replacement of the product, removal of the defect or reduction of the price.

In the case of material defect in the product, the trader acts in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Obligatory Relations.

Personal Data Protection

IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o is committed to providing personal data protection for customers and users of the site by collecting only those customer and user information that are necessary to fulfill our obligations (name, surname, address, city, postal code, country, phone number and email). “IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o”  informs customers and users of how to use the data collected, regularly gives customers the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to delete their name from the list used for marketing purposes. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to those people who deem the data necessary for doing business. All “IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.o” j.d.o.o. employees are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

1. Collection, processing and storage of data for the purpose of ordering / purchasing items or unilaterally terminating contracts, replacements and complaints 

When ordering an item from our offer we will ask for your consent to have your personal information and personal information of other persons you claim as a third party to whom you want to give or to whom you want the items to be sent to collect, process and keep. Data on behalf of another person must ensure that this person is familiar with these privacy policies before doing so. If you are under the age of 16, please do not provide us with any information without the consent of your parent or guardian. 

1. a. Collecting 

When ordering an item from our offer, we will only ask you for the information that is necessary and legally necessary for the IDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.oecution of the sale / service, invoicing, sending the ordered or purchased item and communicating with you in case of ordering, buying, paying or delivery problems. 

If you are unsatisfied with the purchase and request a unilateral termination, replacement or complaint, we will also request additional personal information that will enable us to perform, in accordance with the law. 

1. b. Processing 

We will deal with your personal information in a conscientious and responsible manner. Your data will be processed by the responsible person in the organization and the person in charge of the bookkeeping who must perform certain bookkeeping and accounting activities in order to keep our business compliant with the law.

1. c. Data protection 

Personal information (that you provided in one of our forms on our site) for which you have given us consent when opening your account, sending a query, or pre-ordering, we have safely stored and protected with multiple security checks. We have to keep your personal information as required to fulfill the legal obligations in accordance with the legal provisions. All other personal information for which there is no statutory obligation will be kept until your revocation. 

You can always edit your personal data in your User Account. You can send us an e-mail to for the deletion of your personal information that is not subject to the legal requirements we are required to comply with. When recalling, please specify eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.oactly which personal information you want to delete from your records.   

1. d. Sharing personal data with third parties 

By granting consent for the collection and processing of personal information for the purpose of ordering / purchasing articles, you agree to share your personal information with third parties: a bookkeeping office that will process your personal information in the invoice, the supplier and the delivery service through whom we send the ordered item. 

1. e Revocation

At any time, you can request the deletion of your personal information by submitting a revoked consent to Personal data will be deleted from our records eIDEAS USLUGE j.d.o.ocept for the personal information we are required to keep under the law.

2. Collecting data for the purpose of sending information about new products and content on the website 

By granting consent for the collection, processing and storage of personal information for the purpose of sending information about new products and content on the website, you agree to inform us about new products that you can purchase. We'll periodically notify you about new products and activities on the website, and we'll send the notifications as emails or newsletters to the email address you provided in the forms. Your phone number will not be used for sales calls. We will notify you on the phone only if there is a problem with your order and / or complete the information about your delivery.

The information you have provided us with for these purposes will not be forwarded to third parties, but due to the use of electronic email and newsletter systems, the data will be available to third parties (electronic mail and newsletter systems). We will do everything in our power to protect your personal information with your passwords and other security checks and programs, but we are not held reliable for any technical issues that may occur with the systems we use to send emails and newsletters and which we can not control. If we notice a failure we will notify you as soon as possible and take all possible protection measures. 

At any time, you can request the deletion of your personal information by submitting a revoked consent to Personal information will be deleted from our records and will no longer be used to inform you about new products and new content on the website. 

3. Collection of data for the purpose of promotional activities 

By granting consent for the collection, processing and storage of personal information for the purpose of promotional activities, you grant us permission to use your personal information for this purpose. This means that we will disclose the personal information you have given us and consent to use them for this purpose on the website, in promotional materials or otherwise, with your review of our products, services, activities.

At any time, you can request the deletion of your personal information and reviews by submitting a revoked consent to Personal information will be deleted from our records and will no longer be used for this purpose.

 Common provisions.

If you gave your consent for only one purpose and when you revoke it you must state for what purpose you are trying to delete personal data from our records.

These provisions are aligned with the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Directive, Directive 95/46 / EC).


In accordance with the EU Decree, Abrakadabra Web Shop is involved in solving consumer disputes for products and services purchased online and which customers can submit online.

Regulation of the European Union no. 524/2013 of Online Dispute Resolution platform is being applied since January 09, 2016.

Pursuant to Article 14, paragraph 1, of this Regulation, the obligation of traders established in the European Union participating in online sale contracts are required to provide an electronic link to the ORS Platform in an easily accessible place on their website. The Platform for Online Dispute Resolution (Platform for the ORS) started its work on February 15, 2016.

In addition to the above provisions, the following is an electronic link (link): The online dispute resolution platform for consumer disputes.

For more detailed information please feel free to contact us via e-mail at